'Essence of Wisdom is Service to Humanity'


  • To instill the idea of “Service to Humanity” in the young Khalsaites; maximize their civic and sensitivity quotient and uphold the Ambedkarian ideal by making education accessible to students of the lower socio–economic strata.

  • To impart quality education to students, molding their holistic development and igniting young minds to foster the spirit of humanism in sync with the teachings of Guru Nanak, helping them imbibe the “Essence of Wisdom” and develop secular outlook becoming harbingers of a new social order.

  • To attain excellence in all our endeavors namely teaching, research, and continuing education; adopt self-evaluation as a measure for continuous improvement; an d ensure accountability.
  • The quality policy is developed by comprehensive deliberations with stakeholders. It is driven by bench-marking, to identify levels of improvement. It is deployed at different levels viz. departments,faculty and committees. Clarity in defining measures to sustain quality is ensured at deployment. Periodic review of processes employed to attain quality is done regularly.