Context: Online Activity for the #M18 Students at TYBMM during LockDown.
Subject: Submission of Two Sets of Performance Improvement Programme (PIP) for 6:7 Contemporary Issues.

A) Students need to attempt Two Sets of Question Papers
without option. 
B)They are to make two separate sets of manuscripts in foolscap paper as per requisite University format and also writing pointers for the same. 
C) They need to Scan the written matter and upload both the sets on the Google Classroom created by the HoD for the Department of BMM.
D) The two dates of submission are as follows:
1) First Set: Saturday 30 May 2020.
2) Second Set: Saturday 07 June.
E) I am duly setting the paper and emailing the same to students, latest by Sunday 24 May 2020, to facilitate their activity.

Thanking you,
Most Warmly,
K Praveish Vishwanath Aiyar
Assistant Professor with Khalsa BMM