‘Changing Trends in Media’ 

On 25 th September 2018 there was workshop conducted by the literary committee in Guru Nanak Khalsa College. The guest speaker was Mr. Saurabh Vaktania who is the principal correspondent of AAJ TAK. Mr. Vaktania is the alumnus of the college and took great pride in speaking about his experiences. He spoke about the endeavours in Khalsa college as a student and the experiences he had as a beginner in media. The hardships which he had to face and the eventual drill which he dealt with in his career. He spoke about how media functions and the way its medium has changed. The pattern in which media goes about to publish a news or air it on television on various social issues. There was interactive session after the insights given by Mr. Vaktania. Students put forth their questions and were enlightened. The session came to an end with the prize distribution ceremony for the Poetry Writing Competition which was also organized by the literary committee. The workshop was a grand success and the students got a huge insight on the intricacies of being in the media world.