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Guidelines, Undertaking & Consent Form for attending the College physically

Note: The College will reopen physically in phases. Initially the college will reopen on 20th Oct 2021 for FY degree and PG students only. For SY and TY the reopening date will be announced later as they are having their online Semester end examinations.

CONSENT FORM FOR ATTENDING CLASSES ON CAMPUSAs you are aware that the physical classes were not held for the last 1 ½ years due to COVID-19 pandemic situation. However, as per the guidelines from Government of Maharashtra and University of Mumbai the college will start working in the offline mode with effect from 20 October 2021. Detailed time table will be displayed separately on the college website.
As part of guidelines the students above 18 years of age are required to complete their 2- dosage of vaccination. Further that their parents / guardians are required submit the consent form online. Further student should also sign on the said form confirming that they have read, understood and will follow the guidelines / Covid-19 protocol. You are required to read the Guidelines / Undertaking as given below before filling the Parent's Undertaking Form and the Consent Form -
Parents Undertaking Form - Click HereDownload the Parents-Undertaking form, take a print-out, fill the form and scan it. (You will have to upload it in the Upload File section mentioned in the Consent form.)
Online Consent Form - Click HereTo fill the Consent form and to submit it online


  1. That I will keep 6 feet distance from another person as long as I am in the College campus wherever possible.

  2. That I will use a face cover/mask as long as I am in the College campus.

  3. That I will wash my hands (for at least 40-60 seconds) and sanitize my hands regularly.

  4. That I will always properly cover my mouth and nose and also when coughing / sneezing with tissue / handkerchief / flexed elbow and dispose off the used tissues in a proper manner.

  5. That I will report to the concerned person in the College of any physical syndromes of any sickness.

  6. That I shall not spit anywhere in the College.

  7. That I am coming to the college upon my free will for taking guidance from the teachers.

  8. That I am not coming from a containment zone.

  9. That I have not visited areas falling within containment zones in the last 72 hours.

  10. That if I am found to be symptomatic I shall follow the instruction from College authority and be taken to the nearest health Centre.

  11. That I shall not move from my allotted place in the College unless permitted by appropriate authority.

  12. That I shall not share items like pencil/pens, notebooks, eraser, water bottles and all that I bring to the College with anyone else in the College.

  13. That I shall not touch any of the things that belong to another person as long as I am on the campus.

  14. That I shall sanitize my hands before and after using any of the training equipments in the labs or books in the library.

  15. That I shall follow the instructions and guidelines of the College authority from time to time.