*Greetings to one and all,*

*We,the Staff and Students from the Department of BAMMC (formerly known as BMM) are glad to inform, about, hosting of our Annual Intercollegiate BAMMC Festival - Elixir 2022, on 21 February and 22 February 2022 on the virtual platform - Zoom Meet.*

*The theme for this year is “Reviving Dastaans, we wish to celebrate numerous eras from the Indian Period Dramas.*

*The Inauguration ceremony will begin at 10:00 am on 21 February, followed by other 12 events till the next day.*

*Participants from more than 20 BMM colleges will be participating in 12 events related to the field.*

*We request the honour of your presence at Elixir 2022.*

*Thank you!*